Midwest Writing & Editing is a full-service writing, editing, and translation firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We're in the business of telling stories.

Our teachers, writers, editors can equip you with the skills and confidence to help you tell your own story.

Our seasoned pros can tell your story on your behalf, or even translate it from English to Spanish.

We are also proud to partner with local Veteran Services Offices to help veterans share their stories with students in their communities.

They're your stories. We're here to help you tell them.

"Midwest Writing provides an invaluable service for anyone looking to upgrade their writing skills."

- Peter Jacobson, Total Vocal Freedom

"I don't send any marketing material to my clients without having Rachel take a look at it first. She finds grammar mistakes and helps me make my messages clear and easy for my clients to understand."

- Kristen Gyolai, The Law Office of Kristen Gyolai

"Our reports are so much better because of Rachel. Our staff has learned so much from her."

- Diane Kokal, SVP Research Services

Writing & Editing

Put Rachel's decades of writing and editing experience to work for you. While spotting errors are her superpower (it's a blessing and a curse), she learned from teaching high school English and coaching adults that grammar is a small piece of the puzzle. Learn with Rachel inside the self-paced Write House, or hire her to do the job for you.


When your words and ideas need to be shared in Spanish, we're here to help with that, too. Thanks to our dedicated partners--who are also native Spanish speakers with their own years of classroom experience--we can move any piece of writing seamlessly from English to flawless Spanish...or the other way around.

Veteran Stories

Midwest Writing is all about helping people tell stories. Rachel's own sister is in the military. She knows first-hand how important it is for our servicemembers and veterans to be able to tell their stories, and to be heard. We partner with Veteran Services Offices to bring our storytelling project to local schools.

Private Writing Coaching

Rachel has been writing and teaching for more than 25 years. Her signature method and course, The Write House, has helped hundreds of writers create better content in less time.

But sometimes a move-at-your-own-pace course just doesn't quite cut it.

If you're not quite motivated enough to write on your own...

If you really need to drill down on one area of your writing...

If you're part of a team that has common writing challenges and goals...

Then you need a writing coach. Rachel is here to tailor a writing course to your exact needs.

Click on Rachel's friendly face to learn more and get started.