Stop doubting and start writing

You have...

  • A desire to write.
  • The need to be heard.
  • A book, a blog post, or any other project inside you that needs to get out.
  • Amazing ideas that the world need to hear!

You also have...

  • Writer's block.
  • Imposter's syndrome.
  • A fear of sounding foolish
  • Paralyzing worry about all those little writing mistakes.
  • Absolutely no idea where to even begin!

And you're frustrated because...

  • You know it doesn't sound right, but you just can't figure out why.
  • You have a million great ideas but you don't know where to put them.
  • You just don't know where or how to begin...or when to stop.

Inside The Write House, you will find...

  • Decades of writing and teaching experience from a real writing teacher. No bots or AI here.
  • Tips and tricks that every writer at every level can put into practice right now! Start writing with more confidence and less overwhelm in a matter of minutes, no matter what you're working on.
  • A love of writing and a joy of learning that will help motivate you to be the absolute best writer you can be.

Meet your teacher

Rachel Berg Scherer brings decades of writing and teaching experience to The Write House. Inside, she will help you...

  • Build your absolute best writing from the foundation through the finishing touches.
  • Put all your writing doubts and worries to bed for good. For real.
  • Create better content in half the time by focusing on what actually matters in each stage.
  • Fall in love with writing!

Rachel created The Write House to help students learn. Learn about the origin of this innovative writing method...

When I taught high school English in Baltimore, nearly all my students claimed they hated to write. So I searched for new ways to help them love the craft as much as I did. I soon realized that their dislike of writing came from feelings of writing anxiety. They were overwhelmed by the enormity of the writing process. They didn't dislike writing. They just didn't know where to begin or where to go once they got started.

So I searched for a way to help my students fall in love with writing. And because English teachers love a good metaphor, The Write House was born. Instead of tackling a writing assignment all at once, I helped them move through the writing process, just as if they were building a house: one purposeful step at a time. We built a foundation by generating way more ideas than they needed, we added some stairs with our purpose and direction, and we got ready to host a few parties by cleaning up the final product with some, editing.

I saw my students transform from "Writing is so hard!" to "Writing is fun!" and "I totally get this now." That is some seriously high praise from high schoolers, right there.

Now, I am so excited to share this same method of transformation with you: moving from one purposeful phase of writing to the next as we construct some stunning writing together. I may have moved out of the classroom and into life as a working writer, but I am still a teacher...and I still love a good extended metaphor.

Whether you're on this journey for your own writing or to help transform students' reading and writing like I did, I am so glad you're here. It's time to take the anxiety and procrastination out of the writing process. It's time for writing to be a whole lot more fun for everyone.

Welcome to The Write House.

~ Rachel

What is included inside The Write House?

  • Ten lessons spread over three areas of content. Do what you can, when you can. No lesson is more than 15 minutes long.
  • All together, more than two hours of teaching. Spend an afternoon inside The Write House or write what you can, when you can.
  • Digital downloads, resources, and guides from a pro that you will come back to again and again.
  • Lifetime access! Come inside The Write House every time you write, or just jump in to an area where you struggle.
  • A community of writers. Entrance to The Housewarming is included with The Write House. Share your writing hurdles and triumphs. Bonus: get one-on-one help from Rachel

What is The Write House worth?

A private session with Rachel starts at nearly $1,000.

Totally worth it! But not always reasonable for every individual or small business.

Inside The Write House, you'll find nearly all the same nuggets of wisdom and writing hacks that Rachel shares in her private sessions...but for a fraction of the price. As little as $67.

Add in access to Rachel and a community of writers inside The Housewarming, and The Write House is an unbelievable value.

And for a limited time, use code new50 to save 50% off a full investment in The Write House. There's never been a better time to up your writing game!

Is The Write House right for me?

The short answer: yes!

The Write House is right (write!) for everyone.

Whether you're a professional writer like Rachel, an English teacher looking for a new way to connect with students (also Rachel) or just someone who wants to improve their writing (that's Rachel too!) then The Write House is your writing home.

Teachers, novelists, bloggers, business-owners, attorneys, musicians, pastors...they've all worked with Rachel, and they have all benefited from The Write House.

But how much time will it take?

As much time as you have!

15 minutes here and there, a couple hours on a weekday afternoon, even a writing retreat spread over a weekend (that sounds amazing, by the way).

The time investment is up to you.

In just a few minutes each day, you can become a more efficient and more confident writer. The Write House has a lot of great content, but none of our lessons are more than 15 minutes long. This is all about you and your writing process.

And because The Write House is a method, not just a series of corrections or write-by-number busy work, you will spend less and less time on every piece of writing from now on.

This is an investment no only in your writing, but also in your time.

Take a peek inside The Write House

  1.1 Welcome to The Write House
Available in days
days after you enroll
  1.2 The Frame
Available in days
days after you enroll
  1.3 The Knowledge
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2.1 The Steps and Flow
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2.2 The Stuff You Need
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2.3 Direction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  2.4 The Houseguests
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3.1 Editing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3.2 All The Pretty Details
Available in days
days after you enroll

Choose the Invesment Option That Works for You